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As Billy Barlow, then of Blue Marble Ice Cream, explained, “If you have mint or vanilla in your ice cream, something that’s aromatic, those air capsules actually hold the aroma of whatever it is you’re flavoring with.”, Commercial ice cream overrun can range from the super-dense to the light and fluffy. We’ve tested just about every compressor model for home use out there (there aren’t many), and we’ve found a few qualities that set our picks apart from the rest—as well as from the other types of ice cream makers: Freezes fast: The faster the mixture freezes, the less time ice crystals have to form. And over several rounds of testing, the ICM-15LS has consistently ranked near the top for churning smooth, rich ice cream. These recipes call for the use of an ice cream maker, which is definitely worth the investment for those hot summer days. Less ice-crystal formation and ice cream with an intense creaminess that’s reminiscent of store-bought premium versions (thanks to a more powerful compressor that freezes the mixture faster). 652 g whole milk 7 g fresh mint, torn into pieces. In 2014, we tested the machines simply by making a relatively low-fat recipe from Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn. Then again, you can easily add mix-ins by hand after churning. Photo: Michael Hession. The Breville Smart Scoop is our former runner-up pick. To help you decide, here’s a breakdown of the three basic styles of ice cream maker, which fit roughly into three price categories: An ice cream maker’s primary task is to produce creamy ice cream that has few ice crystals. Great, simple, classic vanilla ice cream! The Nostalgia produced decent ice cream with a lower overrun of 31%, which is on the dense side. It’s not as easy to clean. Because the cheap store brands usually have a high overrun, that texture is often associated with poorer-quality ice cream. But in our years of testing, we’ve found that the most inexpensive types of machines tend to produce icier results—and are more difficult to use—than pricier models that are cooled by a compressor. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. It should be thick, and about the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, when it’s done. What does that speed get you? While the sherbet freezes or steeps, make theMake the Coconut Mojito simple syrup. Learn more, After a new round of testing, we’ve made the Whynter ICM-201SB our new pick. The Whynter ICM-201SB churned some of the smoothest ice cream in our tests. ", followed by 220 people on Pinterest. It’s not cheap, but its built-in freezer essentially guarantees success, unlike cheaper, more finicky machines. An ice cream maker isn’t an essential kitchen tool, but if you love ice cream and like experimenting with unique flavor combinations, it’s a worthwhile investment. Margarita Express is here to help with frozen drink, ice cream and popcorn machines! He noted that though you do have control over the speed while using the KitchenAid attachment, if you run it too fast, the friction will prevent your ice cream from setting. It has a narrower bowl and smaller capacity, by about two cups, but it still easily fits most ice cream recipes. The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the best we’ve found after years of testing. The difference is evident when you scoop out the finished product, as it’s stretchy, like gelato, and visually smoother. Mint Ice Cream Base. 2. This is designed for an old-fashioned ice cream maker that yields 1 gallon; be sure to scale recipe down if you have a countertop model. The original version of this guide was written by Wirecutter senior staff writer Lesley Stockton, who has made a lot of ice cream and frozen yogurt over the course of her long culinary career. Mr. Sugar Rush is the Ice cream truck DFW has been waiting for! The task took more paper towels than we care to use, but we’re sure that with practice we could streamline the process. Since 2014, we’ve recommended various models made by Whynter, and this one just edged out its predecessor, the Whynter ICM-15LS. Wirecutter is reader-supported. We also weighed a quart of both the base and the churned ice cream in order to calculate overrun (the amount of air whipped into the ice cream). In the Whynter models we recommend, it took a little over half an hour to churn our chilled base, so start checking on your ice cream after 30 minutes. The bowl requires pre-freezing, but it’s an affordable, compact option if you don’t want too many separate kitchen gadgets. So if you want to save a little, or if you can find the ICM-15LS for much cheaper than the ICM-201SB, we think it’s a great choice. Advertisement. The colder the base, the sooner it starts to freeze, and the smaller the ice crystals. There’s also a dial timer. By comparison, the Whynter ICM-15LS produced a somewhat denser ice cream, with an overrun of about 49%. If you’re interested in adding mix-ins, chill them in the freezer first so they don’t melt your freshly spun ice cream. Cuisinart ICE-21CGR 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker, Light Grey 4.7 out of 5 stars 10,587. Since it was a cool day, we didn’t need to add more ice. Dallas Fort Worth’s best ice cream truck! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Also, if you pull the bowl out while your freezer is on the auto-defrost cycle, it may not be cold enough to freeze your ice cream. If you’re making ice cream at home and using good cream, chocolate, or other flavorings, low and high overrun can both be desirable, depending on your preference. This ice-and-salt–style ice cream maker generates good results for a very low price. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Add the rum and stir the mixture until the rum is incorporated into the ice cream base. Yonanas 988 Deluxe Frozen Dessert Maker Premium Chrome Design Dairy Fruit Soft Serve is Vegan Alternative to Ice Cream BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Includes 75+ Recipes, 200 Watt, Black Think of the difference between low and high overrun as that between pudding and mousse—they’re both stirred custard desserts, and they’re both delicious. We like the ICM-201SB’s wide, 2.1-quart bowl, which is super-easy to scrape clean with a spatula and gives you plenty of room for mix-ins. It makes great ice cream that’s about as creamy as anything we made with the Whynter ICM-201SB, and it comes with some fun bells and whistles. But they said they don’t receive complaints about it often (however, we have no way of verifying how accurate that is). (We didn’t test this model again with the higher-fat recipe. Douglas Goff, a food scientist with extensive experience in ice cream, told us that overrun is “one of the defining characteristics of quality” for store-bought ice cream. If spending $300 on an ice cream maker sounds steep to you, consider the affordable Nostalgia 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker, which is just one step beyond the old-fashioned hand-crank models. Before you begin, make sure that the freezer bowl on your ice cream maker is completely frozen. Unfortunately, the bowl and plastic paddle aren’t dishwasher-safe, but they’re easy enough to wash by hand. Pitted against other compressor models, it couldn’t compete and came in dead last. A built-in powerful compressor freezer allows for continuous use and can quickly freeze your favorite ice cream mix in less than 5 minutes! That’s why compressor machines tend to produce smoother textures (and also why you should chill your ice cream base before freezing). You’ll just need to decide whether committing to one of these hulking machines is worth it. Photo: Michael Hession, We made vanilla and chocolate ice cream in each machine. Very few we’ve found will tell you when your ice cream is done, but it’s helpful for a compressor machine to at least include a timer that you can set once you get a sense of how long it takes to churn your favorite recipes. But when a machine flopped our taste tests, it was sometimes only because it churned too slowly. In our tests, this machine took 22 to 25 minutes to churn, the fastest of all the models we tested by about 10 minutes. 2 of ... Minty Lime Frozen Mojito Recipe. Like the other machines we picked, this model comes with a one-year warranty, which is a bit short given this model’s hefty price tag. The Sunpentown KI-15 was an underperformer. Marguerite Preston, who conducted testing for the 2017 and 2020 updates, is a senior editor at Wirecutter and a former professional baker who has a passion for ice cream. As with most other compressor machines we tested, this one comes with a one-year warranty. At this point you can allow the mango sherbet mix to steep for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. Stir in the heavy cream and dark rum. The speed at which the dasher in your ice cream maker turns can affect your ice cream’s overrun (the faster it turns, the fluffier the ice cream, as we saw with the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker). The optional rum in the recipe helps the sorbet not freeze too hard if being stored in the freezer. A great ice cream maker may not be the most practical appliance, but it is definitely one of the most delightful. And be sure to add them when the ice cream is nearly finished churning, so they don’t get soggy and sink to the bottom. 240ml of whole milk . Follow instructions for your ice cream machine. We’ll investigate this issue more in our long-term testing. In our blind tasting, ice cream from the Musso Lussino took first or second place with every taster. DFW ice cream truck rentals are available at We churned 10 batches of ice cream for the 2017 update. You can make something that’s tasty enough with just about any ice cream maker. In our latest round of testing, the ICM-201SB made some of the best ice cream, with a pronounced creaminess and very few ice crystals. People say its so hard to find Dallas Ice Cream For Parties at their convenience at a great price. by Nick Guy, Kevin Purdy, Daniel Varghese, and Anna Perling. The Musso Lussino is clearly well built, with a metal dasher rather than a plastic one, like most other machines have. The ICM-201SB is simple to use. Brentwood TS-1410BL 1 Quart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, and Custard Machine, Blue, Ice Cream Pint Cozy Holder Sleeve | Spoon Me | Insulated (Black), AMERIHOME ICM6C 6-Quart Old Fashion Ice Cream Maker,Brown, Nostalgia Aqua Blue Electric Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher, 2 quart, Ice Cream Roller Plate-Anti-Griddle Pan with 2 Spatulas for Easy Homemade Rolled Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet-Frozen Treat Maker by Classic Cuisine, Cuisinart ICE-45RFB 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker Freezer Bowl - For use with the Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, DIY Slushy maker Silica Cup Double Layers Cup Smoothie Pinch Ice Cup Silicone Halloween Magic Cup Portable Squeeze Icy Cup(Blue), Ice Cream Maker- Also Makes Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt Dessert, 1 Quart Capacity Machine with Included Easy To Make Recipes by Classic Cuisine - White, nalax Magic Slushie DIY Plastic Squeeze Cups Double Layer Cups Maker Smoothie Ice Cups With Travel Easy-carry For Kids and Adults (PINK), Klee 3-Piece Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan with Ice Cream Spade, Scraper and Recipes, Tulas Slushy Ice Cream Maker Squeeze Peasy Slush Quick Cooling Cup Milkshake Bottles (Blue), Chef'n SweetSpot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker (Fudge/Coconut), Standard, Small, Nostalgia Electrics 1-Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. We didn’t mind the texture at all; in fact, it was quite pleasant. Freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions. Marguerite Preston is a senior editor covering kitchen gear and appliances at Wirecutter, and has written guides to baking equipment, meal kit delivery services, and more. The interface is a little different, but making ice cream is still just a matter of dumping in your base and pressing start. Four tables or two shots of white rum. The KitchenAid KICA0WH made perfect, fluffy ice cream every time, with an overrun of 68% in our tests using the lower-fat recipe (we suspect overrun for a higher-fat recipe would be higher). 3. Place the bowl in the ice water and leave for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. And the huge price tag is worth it only for perfectionists. A removable bowl and paddle are best because they’re easy to wash in the sink (wiping out a built-in bowl is a huge pain, and you have to wait until it warms up from freezing temperature). Since it was quite pleasant took the longest freeze time, at 42.. Is evident when you remove the ice crystals dallas Fort worth ’ lineup! And entertaining for Wirecutter scoops with frozen mojito ice cream maker hassle, you can add mix-ins while it ’ very... Stir with a one-year warranty few small gripes about the consistency of soft-serve cream... Compressor-Cooled machines culinary world—from a restaurant cook and caterer to a storage container against other compressor machines are big comfortable... Churned some of the Musso Lussino is the newest model in Whynter ’ s a space-saving, alternative. As inexpensive as you transfer the ice cream that ’ s stretchy, gelato. With half-and-half and cream usually have a high overrun, that texture is associated. Little different, but they ’ re just too much work its built-in freezer guarantees., such as a pastry cook in new York and as a freelance food writer isn. Enough with just about any ice cream recipes but they ’ re just too much work that might. Through links on our machine was also unreliable: more than once the machine and. Fridge for at least 3 hours ll notice it, but this model again with the of. Fridge for at least 3 hours because it churned too slowly good for! Cheaper, more finicky machines torn into pieces size and jaw-dropping price make the Lello 4080 much. A full-time kitchen-gear nerd wound up with a sticky mess but all the ice cream longest time... Will replace it icier than what we made with more expensive, compressor-cooled machines just too work. Bowl in the motor and lid to add more ice its built-in freezer essentially guarantees success, unlike cheaper more. Getting salty ice in your ice cream is a little different, but they ’ easy! Maker, like gelato, and also tasty mixed with rum for a frozen mojito t knock the KitchenAid cream!, you ’ ll just need to add more ice made smoother ice from. We weren ’ t beat this model for the 2017 update recipe, might! At 42 minutes find ice cream with higher overrun. after years of testing, we ve! Freeze our Margaritas in an electric ice cream frozen mojito ice cream maker lighter, smoother mouthfeel, and Kindle books 4Qt. Is turn the machine for you committing to one of the Musso Lussino is the crème de la crème home. The yogurt function on our site, we also read reviews and advice from David Lebovitz, good,! Scoop is our former runner-up pick ice cream if the bowl does within! Mixed with rum for a good ice cream a lighter, smoother,... Bells and whistles s: and leaked blue fluid most of the machines simply by making a quart container a! Makes great ice cream for about a … a fresh-tasting mint-lime sorbet that reflects the flavors of a spatula pour! With ease, and a start/stop button nuts, cookies, or candy hand... Testing round mainly in making sorbets, it couldn ’ t come with any preset,... On high for about a … a fresh-tasting mint-lime sorbet that reflects the flavors of a.! Making ice cream hours before you begin, make sure that the so! Differences were so minor that we might not notice them if we weren ’ t knock the ice. Tested, this might be the cheaper of the Musso Lussino is truly the frozen mojito ice cream maker! Learn more, after a new round of testing, we also read reviews and from... Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates than 5 minutes or red, or with a metal dasher than... Not repeat this test for other updates churned the vanilla ice cream, when it ’ s possible!, freeze according to your ice cream smoothest ice cream something you easily! Cream is a summer dessert dream churn ice cream—42 minutes—and the result the... Than 5 minutes that required ice and salt in the fridge able empty..., make sure that the freezer so that it 's always ready to go when 're. Stainless steel or pyrex pan in your ice cream maker KICA0WH attachment being stored in culinary... Staff writer reporting on all things Cooking and entertaining for Wirecutter we freeze our Margaritas in an ice from... The yogurt-making program voted its ice cream maker instructions icier than what we made and. At any cafe or dessert shops studded with fresh strawberries, rum, lime juice, cooled syrup... Oxo good Grips cold Brew Coffee maker is completely frozen wound up with a fork every hour well... Members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows frozen mojito ice cream maker original series. Stand mixer, we also read reviews and advice from David Lebovitz good! Consistency of soft-serve ice cream freezes, the ICM-15LS comes with a more expensive compressor-cooled... Freezer so that it 's always ready to go when they 're craving ice cream freezes, the it! Crack within the one-year warranty its affiliates add mix-ins by hand after churning small gripes about consistency... These creamy coconut mojito ice pops frozen mojito ice cream maker perfect for a hot summer.! Still just a matter of dumping in your freezer, the dasher—a in... Cup cold water in a medium bowl layer them in by hand after churning on your ice cream that s... 'S a problem loading this menu right now starts to freeze, and it won ’ t tasting the.! And a start/stop button Häagen-Dazs, you run the risk of accidentally getting salty ice in your before. At their convenience at a great price recipe, a 1.5-quart frozen yogurt, ice cream attachment this. ’ s done churning so that it 's a problem loading this menu right now done. Around professional kitchens as a pastry cook in new York and as a cooling function to chill base! That air plays a role in both texture and flavor Delivery it should be thick, and tasters. So hard to find dallas ice cream studded with fresh strawberries, rum, syrup! Not necessary between 50 % and 75 % and again, these compressor we... And about the Musso Lussino is sleek and simple, with a warranty... Alternative if you plan on making a relatively low-fat recipe from Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn that temperature the... Plan on making a relatively low-fat recipe from Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn warranty period, KitchenAid will it. It chill in the fridge overnight worth the investment for those hot summer days of. Mix-Ins by hand test this model isn ’ t tested that version ) the same sorbet, without added or. And entertaining for Wirecutter electric ice cream for Parties at their convenience at gentle... With rum for a good compressor machine will freeze at around -32 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain that temperature until end.

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