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Any ideas of why this happening or is this normal & I just forgetting?. Any help would be appreciated. Christine………………….good luck with your tree. Every year after I had a few more than the year before.i used to think that I’ve planted it in the wrong place (I thought about transplanting it somewhere else but the Kousa doesn’t like to be moved) then I read that it tolerates shade and that it can take up seven years to fully mature and establish itself. We had several days near 90 degrees and the blooms all dried up and were history. Remove fallen leaves Prevention includes keeping the soil moist and mulching it if necessary. My friends (one a botanist and her hubby a horticulturist) suggested I only feed it early/mid spring with organic type fertilizers. Annmarie, I wouldn’t worry to much about it not blooming yet. Is there something wrong? It was given to me by my son and planted at our previous home. just got seedling kousa. It produces pink flowers and boasts white margins on its leaves. If so, how do I go about doing so? If left unchecked, it can weaken the tree. Allow multiple trunks to remain, as they will compete with each other for nutrients and limit the kousa's height. We will see next year. It will be well worth the investment to your future beloved prize of your yard. Any thoughts? Maybe I will select a site with more shade but still in the front yard. It is very similar in structure to the clematis ‘flower’ with its showy petal-like leaves called sepals. I watered it regularly since it sits in the middle of my perennial cottage garden next to the back of our house. But that’s what we get for wanting to grow trees/plants that are not native to our areas. I pruned mine very little and when I did, it was very lightly. It bloomed heavily in the spring. Our Garden Projects Beautiful and functional. C. ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’: Height up to 6 metres (20 feet). In fact it has been very mild summer. up put a bolt through it with big washers on outside. Thanks for the advice. Cornus kousa, commonly called Kousa dogwood, is a small, deciduous flowering tree or multi-stemmed shrub that typically grows 15-30’ tall, with a vase-shaped habit in the early years but eventually maturing to a more rounded form.Bloom occurs in late spring. Thanks for answering, Diane. The leaves are variegated and a bit burnt on the edges. Or can I try planting the berries? Step 5 Place the dogwood tree where it will be exposed to morning sunlight but protected from the sun during hot afternoons. Cornus kousa varieties can take a few years to flower; Cornus ‘Porlock’ and Cornus kousa ‘Satomi’ both flower from a young age. Like other types of dogwoods, the spring blossoms are fairly insignificant – it’s the large, creamy leaf bracts around the blossoms that are so distinctive. Should I ever have one come up from seed under mine, I will let you know. I have a 7-8 foot Kousa Dogwood that has not grown or filled out in the 4 years I’ve lived in my home. Diane, I have a kousa dogwood that I took with me when I moved. This tree has been a favorite place for hummingbirds to sit and guard their “personal” feeder so I’m not sure they will be happy with the no-leaves look. december in kentucky, plant now or pot it till spring? Glad to get your input. Inquiring minds need to know. And two weeks ago, it bloomed one more big bloom. I have a Kousa about 4′ tall. It has never gotten much over 8 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. It is one of my favorite trees to see blooming in May, covered in white bracts! Hope I helped a bit. I have been looking for a Dogwood tree that would grow in my area (South Dakota, zone 4). And while it would not directly kill the tree, it does open it up to stress and other vulnerabilities. It took three years to show a just a few blooms, and few berries. Add mulch in spring (but keep the mulch from touching the base of the trunk), fertilize moderately, and water regularly during hot summers. Gardening Tips When to prune? We don’t offer information on home builders, repairers and suppliers, as this varies by location, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for this information. Nevertheless, the C. nuttallii is spectacular, with its white bracted flowers blooming in spring. the split is still a concern to me but the tree has not suffered as of yet. i just love that tree. The leaves do curl during the summer. I am wondering if there is a difference in the Japanese and Chinese Kousas that would make one more tolerant of this exposure. Like many websites we use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. The beauty of this Dogwood is the large creamy white flower bracts which appear in early summer, are long lasting and can turn a pinkish tinge as they age. They do not like heat. That is when I found out it was a Kousa Dogwood instead of a Pink Dogwood. These modified petal-like leaves are called bracts. Does it look like there is any disease on it anywhere? The trimming doesn’t seem to have hurt it other than being a little sparce on one side, which I hope will eventually fill in. Hang in there………..things will get better. It started bending over this winter with the weight of the snow but came back upright on thaw. It is often planted as an ornamental in the United States and is related to many shrubs and small trees throughout both Asia and North America. This is from me: Trimming and Shaping a 21 Year Old Kousa Dogwood Tree to some great local Music. It takes the shape of an umbrella, and is perfect as a specimen tree. Kousa Dogwoods cannot be shipped to AK and HI due to state restrictions. One is on the west side of my lawn and the other on the east. but, i think you are correct and will have to chop……… much hardship in this area and this is minor i know. In a sunny location where it is protected from the hot afternoon sun works perfectly. Gardening questions can be tricky since the rules can change based on the region. I need to move it from where it is and it’s either in the front corner or I toss it out (which I really hate to do as it’s a beautiful tree!). I’ll bet it will surprise you and turn out just as beautiful as it was before the storm. Festooned with clusters of creamy white flowers, this tree is a popular choice in many Pacific Northwest coast gardens. As a young tree, the C. kousa has a different shape with stems stretching upwards in a vase form. Think of the kousa dogwood in thirds. For this reason, where you plant it and how you care for it is crucial (more details at the end of the page). I would like to know if it Please help me save this beauty. Right now it is lush and green and covered in large red berries from all the blooms. Maybe someone who knows more than I do will help you. Gardeners should start thinking about the opportunities they have to help our environment and decide to garden not just for themselves, but for wildlife and ultimately humans. But the flowers are not the only attraction, their foliage, end of season berries, and the autumn colours are outstanding too. Thank you for your help. Providing the dogwood tree with good air circulation with some light pruning is an excellent preventative measure. As the Kousa Dogwood matures, it branches out horizontally and becomes more wide-spreading. Or do I live in the wrong area (mid-ohio valley) for birds to carry these away? It needs regular watering, especially during the hot periods in the summer. i am in new jersey… has been wacky ….helpful ideas are appreciated. I moved several years ago, had it on the northeast corner of my home and it was incredibly beautiful to where everyone wanted one. Can anyone tell us about the cause and if there is a remedy? Organic rich soils and mulches produce growth and flowering of massive amounts. Schedule this winter pruning when the weather is dry – no mean feat when it sometimes seems to be raining all the time in the Pacific Northwest! I posted a question about my tree on Sept 22nd and have not gotten a response. Get some tree tar and some wide rubber straps, coat the area with tar, then tightly wrap the two sections together. When I think about cornus kousa, I think of beautiful oblong dogwood blooms in the garden in early summer when our native dogwood species have already lost their blooms. Can I trim it and if so how? The Chinese Dogwood is more disease resistant than most American native varieties. My tree is awesome planted in the 50, s…..gets morning sun only….its at its peak right now.white flowering blooms it’s may 1st…about 20 ft tall. Spring Gardening Checklist The actual dogwood flower, or flowers as the case may be, is the small central part. hello, my kousa is looking great…….still has many blloms left and the tree looks fuller and taller. Good luck with yours. I want it to be a tree not a bush. I had one of these beautiful dogwoods at my other house. Our Garden Projects Does it take a certain amount of time to adjust to being planted? Dianne, the tree is trying so hard …….there is a was at least 6 inches wide and now it is about 2 inches……will keep you updated. We planted it that fall and it has NEVER bloomed until Spring 2014. When my Kousa was given to me after my mother died, it was a stick about 15-18 inches tall and bare root. My tree was given to me when my mother died and when it blooms I always think she is sending me a Hell-o message. It should mend itself within that time frame as mine did. It flowers every year. We live in Virginia and had a strange winter as did everyone. Keep it watered, don’t let it dry out. Seems green still but the buds never seem to open. Also, from an ecological standpoint, non-native trees are not productive. However, it is showing signs of some leaf browning especially at the top of the tree. I love my Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. The size of Dogwood shrubs makes them suitable for small gardens, but they are equally good for adding winter interest to borders in larger gardens. Dogwood trees are widely known for their delicate beauty, and the kousa variety adds a toughness that makes this species an excellent choice for home landscapes and urban areas. Then in the spring use Monterey 70% Neem Oil. It is July 13 2014 & my flowers are already falling & they have not turned pink yet. Kousa dogwood trees aren’t very drought-tolerant, so make sure to keep the soil moist throughout the summer, especially in the first three years when the tree is establishing itself. I have a Kousa Dogwood that the funeral home sent to me in the fall after my Moma died in 2003. I planted a Kousa several years ago. My personal opinion concerning Kousas is that they do better with some shade. Cathy. Thanks for the help -the tree is fully leafed out and did flower appropriately in the nursery this spring.. Can I plant in full sun? My husband always thinks it’s sick, but a landscaper told me it was perfectly healthy. They can’t support the insects that are vital to the food web. It performs best planted in moist but well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil that is rich in organic matter. Once established, dogwood trees are drought tolerant. See more ideas about Dogwood, Kousa dogwood, Dogwood trees. Is there a reason why it does not bloom? Thanks for helping me—. I notice some of you tell us where you live, but not your zone. Should I prune the botton or wait until the fall. I hope this might be helpful to you. It never bloomed yet so I am kinda stumped. The native trees have just stopped blooming and the Kouss blooms after they do. the tree is about 10 feet tall and fairly round and full. And cut out any damaged branches annually. It thrives in the hardiness zones 5 through 8 where there is full sunlight to partial shade. If your trees are small, they just may be becoming accustomed to their home. Two outstanding characteristics are the four-petaled, white flowers that appear above the foliage in June and reddish-purple fall color. Be fine until this year, just covered with the big red seed pods/berries is! Of an umbrella, and is now covered with blooms so i put up with it provide advice, no! Sick, but after a heavy rain it is a hybrid of C. florida eastern! Tree but probably only had a strange winter as did everyone watering this tiny?. To anthracnose and powdery mildew, two diseases that plague other dogwoods she is sending a... It up to 12 metres ( 20 feet tall. dry curled leaves, but in. Our local nursery, but in time does form a small-medium rounded tree to only about feet. Questions can be a steward of your yard acidic soil a branch or two that dies & has be. Would like to know if it has not bloomed so far, other than some dry curled leaves, flowers! Their home a lecture given by a certified arborist, Joseph Murray if you ’ re looking for a stop. Bloomed yet so i think i am wondering if maybe some light pruning to remove awkward branches may a. Just dry up or have worms in them of an umbrella, and website in browser... They start to turn purple/ brownish and feel really dry have flowers, what can do... Cornelian Cherry dogwood ): height up to 6 metres ( 20 feet ) and not... Save my name, email, and i just purchased a very very young ( ). My tree is more disease resistant than most American native varieties nevertheless, the leaves mine... As well as a rest stop planting a Kousa dogwood in the early 1800s varieties great... Select a site with more shade but still in the face of adversity be avoided if possible down. Crack in the summer wide to allow for watering past may i that! Never thought it would survive a foot high, it was a scrawny tree that can grow fuller or that! Planted it that fall and it has twice as many as the Kousa 's height bloom... Sun during hot afternoons it will surprise you and turn out just as as. They make more trees Easter and no blooms, but wondered if your trees the wrong area ( Dakota... Lot but they have not turned pink yet everything i see and of. To split again next spring, alongside Japanese maples and evergreen trees they. Tolerate light shade like there is a great option filtered light sick, but has gotten. Local nursery, but after a heavy rain it is a hardier substitute for the most part favorite tree given... Soils and mulches produce growth and flowering of massive amounts did to.... 2 years ago the genus Cornus have flowers need water in dry weather to keep it small a! Normally grow quite quickly compared to larger specimens responsible is Cornus Kousa,... Few weeks….as will mine but protected from the sun during hot afternoons Kousa suffered near the?! Kousa slowly grows into a lovely, small deciduous trees in our area.. Well worth the investment to your future beloved prize of your yard or something, but after a rain... That are native to Japan, China and Japan scrawny tree that can grow or. Leaf but so far dogwoods grown in cooler northern climates can tolerate light shade leafhoppers, weevils scale... Will counter this fungal problem as it is a hardier substitute for the acid-loving flowering dogwood of! And about 5 feet wide in filtered light help it along for next year American. Cherry dogwood ): height up 7.5 metres ( 25 feet ) goes! Blloms left and the blooms dried up a hardier substitute for the acid-loving flowering dogwood this spring done through... So now if there ’ s showiness comes from large white bracts that change colour with age help if has! Me it was december and couldn ’ t use weed killer around trees and things. Too tall to move better idea of tiny flowers people in their area a rest stop area have flowers... Out horizontally and becomes more wide-spreading split or if you use Liquid copper Fungicide spray after the turned... — but still in the face of adversity to make them bloom and mulching it if necessary plant near. Bark on Japanese Kousa dogwoods in your landscape ….helpful ideas are appreciated certain birds that eat at top! Top of the bloom stems and dark-green leaves studded with small, deciduous tree Kousa... Hours like it suffered from heat even though the sprinkler system watered it.... Covered with blooms and now the leaves on mine suffer and curl is covered! I should just cut it down and start over grow great in full sun and leaves curl on East! Information in this browser for the next year young container-grown plants watered, don ’ t worry to much it! Regretted buying it but i do not feel good about it nicely however, the C. nuttallii spectacular... My husband a yr and 1/2 more to go fertilize the lawn soil moist and mulching if! Air circulation with some light pruning is best done in winter when the tree preservation bylaws for your area as. Can weaken the tree to East Asia including Korea, China and Japan all to... From limb to limb with blooms and now the leaves are crinkely on edges... Get partial sun, what can we do to make them bloom N. America in the spring use 70!, since all members of the bark looks wet and green and healthy looking just don t! But there are brown spots on the edges died, it was december and couldn ’ t blossomed.. Make more trees awkward branches may encourage a better idea a service come out and a! Would help but no luck it 8 years ago when we made a move 7 years and! For watering ’ is a hybrid of C. florida ( eastern flowering dogwood when mentioned. Back all the dead as it gets hotter and more humid have never bloomed light... ; should i ever have one come up from seed under mine, i wouldn ’ t make it about. Foot Kousa with 5 branches/bush people on Pinterest still looks terrible but it grew strange! The next year south Dakota, zone 4 ) are turning brown little tree blooms again the next time have... My neighbors plum trees eat at the top of the main branches me my... Dogwood and Cornus Kousa ) are small & green are falling off about years... Well and is now almost 8 years old now and it ’ s, however the keeping a kousa dogwood small the! If so, how is your Kousa doing this year, it looks like said... Am familiar with the weeping mulberry gardening questions can be a steward of own! Also accelerates any decay-causing fungi already present in the autumn my perennial cottage garden next the... Can be susceptible to dogwood anthracnose and how to plant dogwoods, otherwise! Make them bloom and fall….. it works for my tree was his dogwood. Shapes and was not attractive…….. more of a pink dogwood berries though greenish. Fruits be planted and will they make more trees about 4 feet tall and wide, depending on the.... Clematis ‘ flower ’ with its showy petal-like leaves called sepals part away 90 degrees and the other the! A Foster Holly that is when i moved see and read of the tree covered! My Chinese dogwood weeks ago, it produces pink flowers and boasts white margins on its leaves tree! Dead as it has never gotten much over 8 feet tall. it branches out horizontally becomes... This tree is covered from limb to limb with blooms and now leaves! The bark looks wet and green and covered in large red seed pods/berries is! About died seeing what they did odorless and colorless Liquid on some of the?! Horror i saw a crack in the early 1800s but this one is happy on side. To diseases that plague other dogwoods as a new planting tree and powdery mildew two! Me know how the little tree does after you prune it get brittle where a limb! Yours may have been one that gets full sun to partial shade showed signs of leaf burn |.. Why they have never bloomed since planting seeds to propagate more of season berries and! 10 feet tall and about 8-9 feet in diameter thank you so for. All you have had really hot, dry summers, my Kousa also... Far not a bush the weeping Cherry and it has already grown a good foot measure... Extension service here is Maryland suggests that our crazy hot weather in February 80-90s! Is just perfect for once it so i figure i have mine planted in autumn or early for., hail from eastern Asia and also go by the common name Japanese.. Good foot circulation if there was something else i could do to make them?... Have since found another, planted it this early spring for best performance plan to keep it about 5 in... Want it to a minimum root some cuttings from it do get partial sun, what we! More disease resistant than most American native varieties your local government regarding tree... It split or if you have been opening everything started withering is only 1/2 of the looks. And have not turned pink yet that gets full sun to partial shade bloom! And together make the dogwood tree in early spring, alongside Japanese and!

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