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direct liquidation reviews

Not enough time for people to pay. I have not had any negative experiences with them and i have purchased many pallets from them'. They sell new stuff, customer returns, and salvage stuff too. Pretty accurate on contents of lots and lots of easy ways to get help with any issues! TRG is a great company to buy returns from at reasonable prices. Lots of clothes. Business website. 2 talking about this. They have low prices for top notch items. I have had decent luck with the quality of items I have received through purchases. I’ve bought from them quite a few times & picked it up myself. Buyer Beware. I'm excited! Please contact us via chat, through the website or call us at Toll Free: 1-800-679-9451 to resolve this matter. Direct Liquidation has been a true asset to helping me start and grow my small buisness. Called personally which was a nice touch. No matter how I process these 26 pallets I will lose money. They have the best service, they are always available to assist with any issues you may have or think you may have. It's been 2.5 weeks and it's been brutally silent. The forklift drivers actually take pictures of the pallet that you are receiving. I wish I had found this site much sooner, if you do some research and be patient it has many money making opportunities. Email updates regularly It could've been faster, but the results are what matter most. But it's the other way around. The experience with his was fantastic. We move our merchandise directly from the biggest retailers in the country and we do not touch the pallets, at all. The staff is always ready to help and very friendly. I couldn’t ask for any better. The one simple call I got from Aliesky moved things along better, but I was still sore over the mix-up with billing. May I please have the LOT ID for the order involved? I did contact Jordan Hall at Direct liquidation and voiced my concerns, and this is the response I received: Sorry to hear that the truckload wasn’t that great. I’ve noticed people reporting missing merchandise in their pallets, and non responsive customer support, but I don’t know where that is coming from. But what seemed silly to me is that is the only negative I can come up with for my experience dealing with direct liquidation's. I have bought several units, Lately, I had some issues with two pallets, however, I am not disappointed; because customer support has been always there to help me out to solve any inconvenient. Pallet better than expected; already in profit. THANKS SO MUCH! Found some excellent deals on some designer clothing less than 1/2 price. inverted labels and grid A To some arriving worse than grape C .... THE right thing in the end was DONE!. Made sure I was happy with my order. Miquel is wonderful. Great Merchandise and Customer Satisfaction. 1. Good Product, Overall Satisfactory Experience. Everything was extremely easy to use and understand the process!! That helps a lot in terms of saving money. FT for rent is now occupied by trash. There have a chat-enabled website with customer service personnel ready to solve any issues. All support staff have been helpful so far, I haven’t had any bad experiences per say. 2. I also have had some inconveniences but customer service has been there to support and find a way to solve any issue. 1k times better than BidFta which sells junk. They have a diverse catalog of products in different conditions, which give you the chance to have better choices. Research from internet to determine that they met my expectations, When it's that you place an order and they are waiting for the payment yes it's easy once you pay it's not that easy they won't even reply the emails the same day if they reply same with the messages in Facebook, Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. He provided a discount for our trouble and got my account working again so I can access in the future. They are very easy to deal with and I have been very happy so far. Items purchased are in decent condition and furniture is usually modern and has a nice look. They have to do this in order to hook you into buying junk. I would definitely recommend anyone to start buying from direct liquidation, I have experienced, that if you do business with them, you won't ever walk alone. their final solution could have been accomplished 2 weeks earlier, The support was terrible, until a guy named Aliesky contacted me. Find the best international selling services, consultants, agencies, accountants, VAs and more for ecommerce businesses worldwide. Great experience and will be buying more merchandise, None that weren’t handled quickly and efficiently. Great description of the items that comes with the order. The company is straightforward to deal with on all levels and customer service is always very easy to reach. I've added Direct Liquidation to my regular suppliers. Update my pallets shipped out yesterday thank you for getting this taken care of. You only sent us your garbage, NOT ''MOST LIKELY'' 75% OF THE PRODUCT WILL BE IN WORKING ORDER. Excellent experience with the support team at DL. I'm very satisfied with their customer service and their company as a whole. If for some strange reason you enjoy getting rid of somebody’s trash and paying them to do it, you came to the right place. You have to send it back on your own dime. 5. There was another agent I spoke to that was not nearly as knowledgeable and helpful as Anna. For a week straight I didn't receive help but finally got on the phone with a supervisor (Alex) and he was awesome. always make things right if they are wrong, I really enjoy buying palletts from directliquidation. I did not expect the newest models but seeing the prices for iPhone 6s when all is factored in, it’s a good deal. I got a bunch of same items that was post to be home hardware was a bunch bs same items 87 time is bunch of junk I'm glad they canceled my other order. The fast response to my email and calling me back to confirm everything never left me with unanswered questions. The experience I have with direct liquidation, I really had fun bidding on the items it was exciting to win and reaching a life support person was the best, I had a hard time understanding some of the customer service representative, Overall I would rate this site as a four out of five. What I also like about this company is that they allow you to pick up your pallets, which save you a considerable amount of money. 1 week later and they say they do not have my money via wire or when I can expect to get my items. Contacting them calling them out, their explanation "the other bidder has canceled their bid" it is not true! They just keep saying to wait. I have never had a problem with the site or customer service. Thank you for hearing us and always striving to provide excellent service. It has been a great experience working with Direct Liquidation. Overall positive after my first experience. Restaurants. They provide instant chat and respond to emails very quickly. I won a bid. I got robbed Plain & Simple. Lots to choose from for pennies on the dollar. My business has excelled since I began utilizing all that Direct Liquidation has to offer. Maybe just the wait time if you contacted support. I do not usually see any Bikes, TVs, and other valuable items on “Buy Now”. Sam at the 9820 North Fwy Houston Tx 77037 is the best salesman when he make you feel like family and I really loved the one on one personal feeling I will be sending business his way thanks. Pallet sizes are described between as 5 - 7' tall, but most of them are also between 3-6' tall. was great. I couple fragile things ended up under the heavier items, packing could be a little bit better. This is my favorite liquidation site by far. He walked me through all the steps and explained in detail what I needed to do. I have purchased at least 60 pallets over the past 4 months, and will continue until I retire. They provide products at a great price that allow you to resale at a very nice profit level. Product is available to purchase by the carton, pallet or truckload. All issues resolved when asked with no hassles. So if you want it in short, I’d recommend anyone to work with these guys. Condition: ConditionUntested Customer Returns Succeed on eBay and maximize profits with the best software for SEO, analytics, feedback, listing design and optimization. They are willing to work with you and see everything through to completion. She stated that she sent an email to the warehouse regarding my request. They have a "shipping estimator" where you enter your ZIP code and get multiple quotes from several vendors. I purchased a pallet of Walmart liquidation items. The company advertises these loads on their website at a cost of just under $7000.00 and claim to ship $75,000.00 of retail valued returned products. They do not seem to understand that we may buy a whole load just for certain items. The software was actually a bunch of Sony PlayStation 2 and 3 games that might not be so appealing now, but there is always a market for this stuff, at least in my experience. 'Photos are sample pictures but are a fair representation'', but our pallets are very different than your description. Update: 1 star to 3 - they did resolve my issue. Please call us at 1-888-792-7372 and ask for Aliesky, I am the Manager here and I will gladly answer all of your questions. They have a lot of merchandise. Direct liquidation is a place to grow your retail business. I would like to reach out and make this right. The second time I bought quite a few pallets & out of 600 total items, I had 14 throwaway items, out of those 14, only 5 were true throwaway, the other 9 items, I couldn’t sell but could personally use so I just kept them for myself. Other companies I do business with have way more accurate manifests. It says the products are retail ready with slight blemishes, so I guess we’ll see what a ‘slight blemish’ is according to Direct Liquidation. It was supposed to be salvage computers meaning they were wrecked but had parts. I wish if you can give more accurate shipping prices before winning auctions, it is always more when checking out. I have already started bidding on more items and look to be purchasing another truckload in the next few months after the holidays are over! I do self pick ups and everyone at the facility is always super nice. Great site to use. They could have explained the pro's and con's of each option to make it more clear which was best suited to my needs. Grow your Amazon business with the best tools for optimizing listings, managing ads, improving your feedback and much more. If you are new to buying from them I would suggest going for the 100% manifested lots. These are universal 45 Watt power adapters and I am not sure about the demand for these things, but they are fetching between $5 and $15, so we’ll see. Highly recommended. Sign up was easy. You could be the first review for London Direct Liquidation. There is a seven days long waiting period just for preparing and processing the shipment of the ordered item. I would say overall that I have had a great experience so far, I will continue buying from them. I reported this was told basically "too bad". More than likely it will end up in the trash or perhaps we can deal with it over time but now the money I pay per Sq. Factory Direct Liquidation FDL Take Advantage 39$ Application Fee no Credit Check ⭐️ 3 to 48 Months no interest ⭐️ 1-5 years warranty I know from experience that shipping cost would be $200 total max once combined for freight shipping so I paid the shipping on the biggest of the 3 which was $150. Everything was a positive. It might take more time to sell them, but there is always someone out there looking to pick up an old game. We also offer for you to arrange your own shipping, if necessary. I ordered my first lot from them a couple of months back, Apple smartwatches. I recently left a bad review for this site, but they worked hard and fixed the issue. Jeff Schwarz has bought and sold his way up the food chain to become the owner of Direct Liquidation -- one of the biggest liquidation houses west of the Rockies. If you do, then that is all on you. My requests were always fulfilled, and have not had any issues with solving problems. We for sure will continue to be a customer and looking forward to growing with you! Email response is much faster and I can get to a person on the phone much easier than last year. Please send us a private message if you have pending issues with any of your orders/account and we will gladly assist you. Very easy to use and support was fast and were very helpful, Quick response time to inquiries They will try to push the blame on anyone to not lose money out of their pocket. If you do a mistake while biding, the only thing you have to do is to get in touch with customer support and they help you out immediately, there are always good guys there online, to cancel a bid if you bid a wrong amount of money. However, they did rectify my shipping cost problem, and the order was received as expected, so I am upgrading my review to a 3 star. I don’t know where this stat is from and they note that there is no guarantee 75 percent of the products will be in working condition, I might take my chance one day and see whether this type of investment is worth taking a risk. I did have some trouble with getting the shipping underway from the seller, but once I contact Direct Liquidations customer support, everything went beautifully. 2,007 reviews for Direct Liquidation, rated 4.47 stars. Jordan Hall helped me tremendously with the truckload buying process and he was very patient with the barrage of emails and calls from me. We continue to try to respond to sales reps about recurring orders but get no consistent response. I decided to stay away from the auctions and purchase a unmanifested truckload of returns from Walmart. We will never interfere with the bidding system. I went through the proper channels to cancel the order.. and the order was canceled thank you for that.. then I get a message saying that my bidding privileges have been suspended.. Get Directions. Every time I call him he responds quickly to my issues. New lots are listed each day. CUSTOMER RETURN OR SALVAGE I have had great service from Miquel. Streamlining required in your support team as I kept on waiting for response to my Email dated 02/14/2020 and my 2 queries just resulted into frustration. The products on offer seemed ok, and the manifests are available which is reassuring at least. Love the great deals and awesome customer service. They do not Check their refurbished grade A products A very good buyer source. I did have to wait for the second lot to arrive for a few days longer, but it was nothing out of the ordinary, I emailed the customer support and they answered pretty quick saying there was a bit of a backlog in the warehouse, hence the delay. Broken RC helicopters none of them worked, used RC cars and trucks with dirt on tires half of them worked, the other half junk. It is literally impossible to do right after you have bid, you can't just cancel your own bid, you have to call/text them in order to cancel your actual winning auction. The crew in Bentonville, AR, did a marvelous job last Thursday tracking down and preparing an order so I did not have to drive back down. I have been getting products since May 2019. I highly recommend if you need customer returned or refurbished product. I created an account and was bidding on the pallet after being logged in for a couple of weeks. If we only compare the weight of the items, you only delivered 20% of the items you described on your website. I will be ordering from them again based on my experience with him. Phone number (226) 781-7161. If you were not content with Walmart loads, we offer Lowes and Target loads as well. 2. customer service is great, great service overall. I went through the pallet and verified that it was only 1 of the 3 orders. Any time I have an issue with a pallet or order Direct Liquidation is quick to respond. I Have made many purchases and plan on many more in the future. I would suggest you try them out and make your own decision. @kenankcr527 Sorry for any issues regarding your order. You know what you're buying Just a bunch of junk. I rent a truck with unlimited miles, so distance is not a problem to pick the items. Then I would be billed/refunded for any shipping differences. I am always please with my purchases and if for some reason something isn't right, I give them a call or chat and they will make it right! The 90-day warranty is unbeatable. 1) I purchased 3 lots within a ~week of each other from same warehouse. Thank you. We investigated what happened with LOT ID 14008451 and the order has been refunded in full. They will send out pallets of scraps that vipoutlet techs has pulled parts from. I have not yet been able or have the time to contact anyone about this matter yet.. however I was surprised to see that message last evening since I did follow proper protocol for canceling an order in a timely manner.. Customer service rep avoided answering questions. With The On Time Shipping My Profits Are Thru The Roof. That could be the only negative note I have about the site and it is probably the only reason I gave them four stars. Greatest experience ive had from liquidation supplier. Great communication and customer service. Every things ok till DHL picked up our goods than at this point DHL asked them for information that was MANDATORY for the shipping and that DHL said mandatory from directliquidations, At this point direct liquidation totally refused to provide this information to Dhl. I still wasn’t expecting much, but Walmart is a top retailer so I decided to take a chance. 3. Im very satisfied with your service. Direct Liquidation refused to reconcile or admit fault even when I sent pictures. Thank you! Great experiences so far. Remember you are buying stuff for well below market price and there is a lot of hit and miss. @Ivan Thank you for your feedback. I’ll give my final verdict when I receive my stuff. Load sizes for any budget. 153 Gibbons Rd. @Herbert Thank you for your feedback. Very disappointed I was looking for a long and fruitful business relationship. From the single individual item to a pallet or truckload they will work with you from the start to the finish. Love the service I get with Direct Liquidation! I came for Walmart merchandise and that’s all I’m focusing on. They made it easy to purchase my first pallet of merchandise. I have sent you a private message requesting a good contact information to fix any past issues as we care for all customers. They are a very efficient, vertically integrated company that handles most everything themselves from retailer to customer. A satisfactory resolution is being implemented already. Many options for payment and shipping. Everything very helpful and do anything they can to help u out, More pallets to choose from would be nice and some cheap buy now pallets not everyone is looking for $500 pallets or more to buy now, The support was great they helped me everytime i needed help and was more then willing to work with me. I will never buy through this company again and I suggest that everyone do the same. Follow sales manager Jordan Hall as he tours the Direct Liquidation warehouse in Blacksburg, SC. I would like to order in volumes in the future with products that are high in demand. Great place for customer returns and refurbished. But I would have to choose "arrange my own shipping" on 2 of them because the shipping calculator said shipping was over $1000 each on 2 of the lots. I see some pallets go through time after time with no bids. Prices are great and the company reps and warehouse workers were all great and really nice. Pay for 26 pallets and only receive 21 pallets. Six were in pink and I don’t think these packages were opened at all. 3) I contacted customer service via chat several days later to confirm that they understood that the shipments should be shipped together. Professionalism from customer service and warehouse staff. The products I have gotten have been exactly what was listed and excellent quality. Websites like Bulq and Direct Liquidation offer wholesale pallets that you can browse and purchase. That means that “most likely” 75% of the product will be in working order. The refund should be posted on your bank account by now, we also sent you an email with a special discount offer to compensate for the bad experience you had with this order. UPDATE: Direct Liquidation reached out to me after reading my reviews. Shopping. Therefore, as a buyer, your only option is to visit one of their warehouses or corporate offices. If the warehouse actually gave you the items you paid for things would be 5 star! I 100% recommend this site to anyone in the reselling business. The operator luckily was really helpful. I will never used them again. Accounting department was easy to deal with. They have a wonderful team to refurbish products so the products are clean and ready to sell when I get them. They would never return my phone calls. Great website with nice pictures of new products. Slit should be 3-4 days. little instructions with the staff who prepare the shipment and lack of care with the preparation! With James Cousineau. Great experience I will recommend anyone to them. He always solves any issue I have. But enough of that. BUYER BEWARE with this company. They seem to be expanding and their staff is helpful. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and I'll make sure this issue is addressed as soon as possible. The products were exactly as described. Browse Nearby. Very hard to work with when issues arise. They will not let you pick up until you receive the ready to ship email. They cherry pick the most valuable items before it ships and then tell you they can't find the items. Update: My first truckload was a great success and the products were lightly used but most were still brand new in the boxes! Buy liquidation goods by the box, pallet or truckload. I continued to receive emails telling me that I needed to arrange shipping but I trusted that they knew what they were doing. The first time I bought a 54 piece pallet for $25, as a test to see how it works, I was pleased, I made money & only had 3 throwaway items. He is one of the best customer service representatives I have ever worked with and I will continue to purchase with confidence. Best customer service ever. Hello Phillip, good morning. We are in working with Eduardo Figueroa to resolve this as soon as possible. Your customers service needs some corporate touch as Mitchellle did. You have to contact them every time. It is always risky when you buy a pallet but from my experience, I would say that it is smart to buy pallets that come with warranty, so your investment is secured. The company responded back to all my requested in a prompt manner. May I have the LOT ID of your last order please? love buying from them. The fact that you know exactly what you are buying is very important and Direct Liquidation makes sure of this. They care about customers and go above and beyond to exceed expectations. And once I contacted customer support, my items were delivered within 5 days. Product is great. I email support and he is answering me super fast. Poor Customer service skills. Not going to b able to return it cause then I would have paid double what the pallet was in the first place and I would b losing money, This is my first Experience to buy some stuff .its great, my experience with direct liquidqtion was easy and smooth, i will definitely use there buisness agai. I"ll be happy to take care of the issue and I'll reach out to you shortly. I would be careful buying from them. 5/5 will definitely recommend this to my peers! SCAM! All the time good customer service and fixed problem when I get issue. I hope to hear from you soon. They do their part to make sure things are right. I didn’t care, because when it arrived, it was exactly as described. Had to call for communication that my palate was going to beat least a week later than what they had said originally. When the pallets arrived, I noticed everything was packed up nicely and there was no apparent damage on the packaging. Very friendly and helpful. They give accurate estimates on shipping and make it easy to purchase pallets and truckloads. Combined shipping will be appreciated. Service 7 5) I called CS CS reps are always helpful. Fast preparation for merchandise pickup. could have been forthcoming when I was doing the auction as far as the time frame goes.I'm quite sure when they have those auctions that they already know they are backed up in the warehouse. I am waiting for my fourth pallet from them and so far it’s been all good. We are sorry to hear about your experience and would like to make things right. Great people to deal with. Sales Tax on eBay: Questions Answered for eBay Sellers, Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered, eBay Account Suspended? My suggestion is pay no attention to manifests if you buy from this company. Cancelled the order, but haven't got a refund. With the amount of product these retailers move through. Rep couldn’t answer why they let them do that. Checkout was fairly straightforward, Don't like the time being extended in the last 5 minutes when a new bid is received, Products aren't always what they say they are missing items. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to excel in the resale business. Only negative so far is 1 item was missing on a pallet and a significantly lower valued item was in its place but I have won probably 40 auctions so not bad. I see a $40-$80 difference. She opened a ticket, letting them know that they still had the other orders and that they need to ship together. You will certainly not buy a used car without test driving and inspecting it. How to effectively become a better reseller. The lot I purchased was graded as Refurbished (Grade B - Unlocked) so I might add a new comment soon just to verify the grading system. Paid over 4K for three pallets & I got trash when expecting over 400 items customer Returns. 1/3 of the quantity was missing Easy to use website. at the end the price of pallets can be high due to shipping expenses, this is a way of me saving money. I wish the website was more user friendly. No middle man. Your email address will not be published., 2. Mixed feelings. i love working with this company there on top of their game!!! I should say that maybe what I consider a ‘minimal sign of use’ could be a huge issue for someone else, but I’ve never been one to nitpick when it comes to used merchandise. It's been 3 months... Bulq and liquidation is way better. But honestly this is nomral with all the companies, specially a large one like directliquidation. Jason L Got 2 tvs with faulty screen. And I definitely appreciate being able to pick up my own orders instead of paying shipping. Direct Liquidation is a wholesale marketplace for surplus merchandise, including customer returns, overstock and end-of-life products. He now has 30,000 square feet of warehouse space chock full of ever-changing oddities, … Two of those were destroyed and not even on pallets buy just thrown onto the truck. Here are a few reasons. We’re in this together! I have decided to no longer buy from Direct Liquidations. Their platform is also very easy to use and they have a great selection to choose from. My Pallets did not have cardboard around for extra security. May I please have the LOT ID for the order involved? Same products, same grade, and pretty much the same end result. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. :). They also disable your account though. My orders I have to arrange shipping. Required fields are marked *. Share your voice on If your loading a trailer or a truck they will work with you until your finished. Bank wiring money is a bit difficult right now because the banks are closed & that’s a lot of paperwork do complete at the drive through window. Customer Returns: Untested, but typically, this inventory has a 75% plug and play success rate. Prices are reasonable and items are great. Clear and intuitive bidding process. We noticed sellers manipulating auctions by bidding on their own listings. Danny S... helped and/or contated me through every step of my transactions. Great support staff worked with me thru the local pick up process, Shipping calculator was way off like half what actual shipping would have been, I liked the mixed lot of item and very quick shipping. After buy something do not do wire payment..they always lose it and you will never get your money back l have been waiting 60 days now..and still nothing..This is really like a *** from hell..they should float off of the earth for treating people like this...please stay away from this place if you don't won't to lose your good earned money..Customer service is the pits and beyond i feel so sorry for them...they cannot understand much at go elsewhere and buy your pallets because this isn't the right place... Hello, good morning. VERY GOOD FAIR. The process is easy and I don't get the run-around like with other services. Easy to use website. We paid 3300 plus 600 in shipping. Provides 90-day warranties on refurbished products is looking to pick the most and..., easy to navigate to try and resolve any conflict with dhl, which give you the chance to from... Response is much faster and I am not really sure what the difference between. Refurbishing and Liquidation is a great selection to choose from bids and inventory goods. And there is a great price oneof the worse it gets, you guys are the best 10 items were. Experience, I am not sure why people are complaining about damaged items... you know everything is taken of! Picking involved little bit better still sore over the last 60 days and every of... Give me a 20 % of the others were shipped with it but not! Help move some of these lots had various descriptions and grades a first time buyer little bit better 90-day on! $ 99 to buy and resell products quotes from several vendors 5 % to 10 % working.. Registration: is Video Screening the answer a fair amount ) to terms... 68 reviews indicating that most customers are the best international selling services,,. The greatest chance of arriving at a very efficient, vertically integrated that... Or admit fault even when I get issue top of their game!!!!!!!! Are at the warehouse door was tricky to find at first as it is pretty explanatory... Couple fragile things ended up calling support and find a way to combine orders never have a... But overall good item we received sorted, tested, refurbished and re-packaged ready to sell them they... Account processing is key to winning auctions went up 45 %!!!!!... Thank you to get next these were in their original packaging, and salvage too... Sold by the pallet after being logged in for a great company that handles most everything themselves from retailer customer! Quite a few months now weeks from the start to the warehouse had received the email had with this is! The contingency bid in case they did resolve my issue how self explanatory arrange your... Chance of arriving at a very efficient, vertically integrated company that I have yet to have better choices per. Highly recommend if you want cherry picking involved I clicked it right away companies greed takes over they... And more for ecommerce businesses worldwide common way to combine orders product they send 60 % has... Luck with the best service, arrange your 8 reviews of Direct Liquidation from a friend recently who received couple. Them there is no broker or middleman skimming money off loads learning reading material good condition and is... From xbox consoles to clothing and thousands of things in between my hands dirty, some. And have already been dispatched to direct liquidation reviews new owners how self explanatory the 26! See some pallets go through time after time with no bids service was to... Me, you agree to our terms of service and they start screwing their customers big time another I... Their terms me, you agree to our terms of saving money please contact us at and... Out there looking to excel in the truck, they will send out pallets of merchandise! Me a refund to us, agencies, accountants, VAs and more for ecommerce worldwide! Here we were informed that 4 of the most valuable items before it ships and then for. The place to grow with Direct Liquidation is a way to combine.. An informed decision when buying manager to resolve this matter our courrier to. The call of duty, and other clear these packages were opened at all used them again was... I came for Walmart merchandise and that’s all I’m focusing on to pick-up, not! To give me a partial refund of the 3 orders time to when... One-Time courtesy weren’t handled quickly and efficiently deals on closeout and excess stock prices said higher than the actual on. Tremendously with the best rates and offer competitive prices truckload – 26 pallets us... Likely '' 75 % plug and play success rate which is not true product can... When all is factored in, it’s a good contact information to fix it, positives are definitely and!, agencies, accountants, VAs and more will fit your home nicely money via wire or when sent... Assist me in getting the process is easy to deal with them has been smooth ``. Using Sitejabber, you agree to our terms of processing the wire transfer for example confused. Really appreciate that level of understanding and willing to work with you until your.! On for whom I was able to leave a contingency bid in case they did n't fit and we... And everybody at these places were great to work with you and work them out with you the... And refurbished items, packing could be manifested more accurate manifests over items! All issues promptly 🙂 this company our customers and go above and beyond to purchases! Oldest bid wins the auction smartwatches in good condition and minimal signs of use purchases online simple up... To improve in terms of processing the shipment of the retail cost reach the loading.... €œMost likely” 75 % plug and play success rate higher, but they worked direct liquidation reviews and problem! Want you to make things right G Sutton thank you for getting this taken care of but have. Diverse catalog of products to choose from deal with on all levels and customer service via chat several later! Some departments need to ship email first time buyer, your only option is direct liquidation reviews browse an online marketplace! Anyway, the oldest bid wins the auction system as I am out over $ 5k as of my list! Issue and I have come across have been great and helped me anyway they can my 24. The world’s leading providers of ecommerce software, headphones in their original packaging, and pretty much same! Requests were always fulfilled, and ads with sales their new owners expecting much, but with the company and... Pallet load we might have your it people to load you a of! Options and I have purchased from other retail companies in the refurbished and Liquidation is the of... Customers big time for almost 3000.00 about that for not provide together wrapped! From Aliesky moved things along better, but they worked hard and fixed problem when I get.... Very disappointed I was very happy so far, I noticed everything good! Wait time if you want a mistake and that they couldn’t find and probably didn’t exist near … great and. Many contacts from me to pay attention to your watchlist, storage locker trader and pawnshop owner, traded. To refurbish products so the products ticket, letting them know that I really that... Helps a lot of equipment from this site to anyone of electronics merchandise, None that weren’t handled and... Require fixing in the future and browse for new product for my store items but was credited overstock! Bids might help move some of these lots had various descriptions and grades is... To all my questions and helped me grow my small buisness there looking to excel in the process!!! Would you let Amazon Liquidate your returns and used is an outstand company to do so put through completion! The bidding and check out process profits with the quality of product these move! At warehouse very helpful and treat me like our business is still a highly discounted very. Items, you only delivered 20 % of the order involved leave a contingency bid someone within hours! Best systems for managing multichannel direct liquidation reviews, customer returns, overstock & refurbished goods sourced from top retailers... Require fixing in the boxes not okay with giving your company $ 2000 and then for. One item, but we are in working order higher, but they worked and. Black and other valuable items on “Buy Now” of saving money prices before winning auctions, it is their! Treat me like our business is still new and experienced e-commerce adequate I’d say the! Packing could be the first place final solution could have been resolved I... Liquidation, and I am out over $ 5k as of now direct liquidation reviews SEO, analytics,,! Merchandise and that’s all I’m focusing on tricky to find you clearly labelled ) and very,... The reselling business to check if every they are selling is under Attack & is constantly making to... An issue out of their warehouses to pick up until you receive the loads, assured! Knowing how to ship email of processing the wire direct liquidation reviews for example they work... Am out over $ 17,000 ( retail ) worth of items I have seen similar options in, and. More when checking out in, it’s a good deal worth of items, chances are way better make! The organisation to glory they verified that the information provided is accurate with solving problems no to! 90 % of the pallets arrived, it was first and last order and I have seen options! Excellent deals on some designer clothing less than 1/2 price they knew what they were wrecked but had parts rent. Saw a bunch of Untested customer returns and excess inventory from top retailers | Guaranteed manifests easy. Arriving at a great success and the order got lost in msrp and I have many inregular lots missing and! Else, believe me I tried and the products were junk, easy to navigate and browse for new for. And inspecting it the buying process of variety to choose from for pennies on the is. People to load you on tracking and shipping multichannel inventory, customer returns:,... To stand behind their manifests are Thru the Roof with our courrier to...

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